Webmart’s Quality Geezer

There are three things in print that pretty much trump the importance of everything else.

That’s Quality, Quality and… erm, I forget the other.

The fact of the matter is if you don’t get the quality of print you’re expecting – and that your brand and customer demand – then your print isn’t going to be acceptable to you and you’re not going to realise all the benefits your print can bring to your business.

Which is why we’re investing, again, in quality.

We are of course fully ISO 9001 certified. Which means we have an internationally recognised, best-in-class, fully-audited, quality management system in place.

That brings us a cycle of continual quality improvement.

And we have a team of expert print category managers regularly assessing all our printing partners and working closely with them to ensure processes and procedures are as good as they can be.

But we want to do more. A triple-lock if you will.

So now we’ve got Quality Chris our Quality Manager in place. He’s there to ‘own’ quality at Webmart and continually push to ensure quality standards are maintained and, if possible, improved.

You see, as his job description proudly proclaims:

  • Every job matters
  • Every customer and supplier matters

And having spent years as a ‘number 1’ press operator, he can spot if shortcuts are being taken and quality’s being put in jeopardy. And he can make pre-emptive improvements to make sure we’re ahead of the game.

So we can try and make sure every delivered project exceeds clients’ expectations, time after time.

Great to have you in your new role Chris – official Webmart Quality Geezer!

Welcome to the wonderful World of Webmart...

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