Webmart’s charitable giving so far:


Charitable giving is one of Webmart’s cornerstone motivations. We’re a fortunate bunch in all kinds of ways, so there’s no better goal than helping those less fortunate around us; and we feel the best way to do this is by supporting registered charities.

We call this initiative CCCP – or Webmart’s Community and Charitable Cash Pot.

The amount of money Webmart gives, as a business, is based on the amount of interest we earn from our cash in the bank, and that's distributed annually through our partner charities to those in need.

Of course many Webmarteers like to take things further. So we have numerous levels of Webmart-sponsored charitable giving including volunteering a day at a charity of their choice (along with a £250 donation) and donating to paid, longer-term sabbaticals for Webmarteers who have been with the company for many years.

2019-20 CCCP
We now have a new pot of money to donate. So, if you’re a charity or worthy cause, please feel free to fill in the application form at the bottom of the page. Every registered charity who applies will receive a £100 donation*.

Good luck and THANKS for doing good things!

In 2018-19 our donations totalled £22,833.

Here’s Webmart CEO Simon’s latest update on our charitable donations:







* Once the pot is empty for the year, it will be continued in the following financial year when the new pot is announced.


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