As Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Amy works with the teams to make sure that no communications get missed! If you need something doing, she will know who to talk to and how to get it done, whilst making the process seamless.


Amy works as Account Manager in our Yellow Shed North, making sure we always deliver top-quality marcoms and campaigns. She's a print and POS expert so any problems or questions, give her a bell!


Andy's been involved in helping customers perfect their marketing materials since the tender age of 16 - so has masses of expertise in helping customers get more from their budgets. At Webmart, he works with some of our biggest clients including Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft.


Since founding Webmart in 1996, Simon spends every day striving to make Webmart the world’s best marketing services agency (and make the world a better place).


Chris is Webmart's Commercial and Legal Director. He's annoyingly analytical (though we prefer him that way!) and responsible for everything legal, financial and contractual that goes through webmart.


21 years’ experience in the industry means that Simon’s technical advice is well worth listening to! As a Webmart account manager, he particularly enjoys the challenge of helping clients meet tight deadlines and delivering quality campaigns that delight customers.


Flo is our Business Excellence Manager here to help everyone become the best Webmarteer they can possibly be and get the most intellectual and emotional return from their work.


Along with Pam, Gemma is the welcoming voice of Webmart. Give her a tinkle just for a chat - or ask her who's the best person to improve your print campaigns - she's always happy to oblige either way!


George is part of our lean and perfectly-formed accounts team.


Helen works tirelessly to pay our suppliers on time and make sure our financial systems work flawlessly.


Ian spends his days developing the cutting-edge systems that keep Webmart at the forefront of marketing management.

Jake K

Jake is one of our resident campaign management experts. He also leads on innovation and is responsible for some of our most notable and striking campaigns of recent years: 6` tall galleon in-store for a major videogames publisher? No problem - been there, done that!


With a degree in Sports Management, Account Manager Jake's ideally placed to keep your multichannel campaigns right on track. He's also one of our promo and workwear specialists - so if you need advice, Jake's your man!


When she's not at festivals, fishing or photographing architecture, Jazmin is super-efficient at managing our clients' marketing campaigns. Whether it's cost-avoidance, problem solving or making impossible deadline changes possible, Jazmin is the safe pair of hands that make sure your campaigns deliver on schedule.

Jess Du Plessis

Jess is our shiny new Project Manager based out of our Bicester Yellow Shed. She might be fresh outta uni (English and history) but she's as laser-focused as the rest of the team to keep your print and mailing projects running like clockwork!


Kalam looks after a handful of key clients as account manager in our Bicester Yellow Shed. He offers masses of client insight and oversees everything from data-driven tactical one-offs to large multichannel campaigns.


Keith brings years of experience to Webmart's category management team and is a key link between our customer services team and our suppliers.


With a love for keeping everything on track so customers don't have to worry, Kim knows exactly how to ensure her projects travel seamlessly from brief to delivery. It's what Kim loves about the job - helping customers get what they want without fuss - and it's why we call her Super Kimbo.


With 26 years in print, marketing and customer services, Webmart COO, Lee, knows exactly what customers want from their supplier. “People work with people they can trust. We know what's possible and the best methods to get the best campaign results so we're here to provide the most knowledgeable customer service in the industry.’’

Lisa B

Lisa manages CEO Simon's diary, beautifully choreographing his itinerary and struggling against the odds to keep him in the right place at the right time.


Lisa's one of our in-house direct mail gurus, happily finding the best DM partners and most effective solutions for all our customers. Her proudest moment in print? Managing the American Express Titanium card launch - with real titanium credit cards!


Marc is our IT Infrastructure guru, expertly delivering the tech first-aid that keeps Webmart firing on all cylinders in the face of melting CPUs and expiring SSDs.


Matty joined Webmart Scotland in 2010 as project manager. He's not only our resident expert in design for print, Web2Print, colour management, digital printing and print project management - but also, it turns out, in classic, vinyl, disco records!


Neil's been in print since Gutenberg was a boy. But it was helping set up Webmart Scotland in 2004 that was probably Neil's biggest achievement in print. Since then, the growing of the team and managing of Webmart's extensive supply chain has given the variety of challenges Neil so loves.


Norman joined Webmart Scotland in 2004 and has been an integral part of our account management team ever since. These days, Norman’s vast experience is put to great use translating client-side needs into tight specifications to deliver print that really works for his customers.


No one knows quite how long Oscar's been at Webmart. Neither do they see him appear in the office each day - he merely materialises when no one's looking. Having said that, he's the best accountant around and a massive part of the finance team.


Along with Gemma, Pam is part of our receptionist tag-team, here to direct your call to the value-adding expert of your choice within the wonderful yellow walls of Webmart.


Rebecca can be found grafting in our Webmart North yellow shed. As category buyer specialising in POS, she's responsible for partnering with our amazing supply chain, delivering opportunities into them and finding incredible value for our customers.


Richard (AKA Booner) is our Sales and Marketing Director. He's London based where he spends his time showing some of our biggest customers lots of exciting new marketing innovations and ways to improve their campaign ROI.

Richard B

From copywriting to email campaigning, social media marketing to artworking, Rich is here to use all the tools in the box to make a noise about the massive difference Webmart makes to your print campaigns.


Rich works out of Webmart North, relishing the opportunity to share over 20 year's worth of campaign insight with some of Webmart's most important customers. Whether that's introducing them to new creative innovations that drive up response rates, or our online productivity and campaign management portal - or indeed to new channels known to boost sales, Rich is the man to speak to.

Richard W

If you need a print expert to guide you to innovations and new ways to improve your print campaigns, they don't come better than Rich. He's also expert in delivering to tight schedules and hitting deadlines against the odds - so if you're up against it, give Rich a bell!


If you want your print delivering with the minimum of fuss, then Sam’s the person to call. Drawing on her 26 years of print experience, she's expert at keeping a smile on her customers’ faces by getting quality print delivered bang on schedule, time after time.


Scott works as a project manager from our Yellow Shed in Barnsley. Having worked hands-on in print for many years, Scott knows exactly what it takes for print projects to go awry - and more importantly, how to spot problems and rectify them before they do!


Simon is a key player in our category management team, ensuring our e-procurement systems are optimised (for us and our suppliers!) and helping drive all the value delivered by our amazing supply chain through to our customers.


Susan's one of our team of software engineers, busy creating world-class software solutions to keep Webmart, our customers and suppliers ahead of the game.

Tom Maskill

Tom, is based in Barnsley, and has just joined Webmart after graduating from Warwick. He is always happy to advise on your marketing campaigns and aims to provide the best service possible!


Tom knows exactly how to create a successful marketing campaign that will help increase your ROI. When he is not coming up with fantastic ideas for his clients he will be out and about walking his dog, Ollie the Collie!

Welcome to the wonderful World of Webmart...

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