Increasing Donations with Near Field Communication (NFC)

  • NFC encourages increased donation values
  • Pre-set suggested donation amounts to encourage a higher value of donation
  • An easier way for people to fill in their details and donate
  • NFC technology is already embedded in smartphones, no need for an app

What is NFC?

NFC Technology offers a way to link devices together wirelessly to communicate at close proximity. We have ample technical know-how that we can provide, but the key to NFC is that nearly all smart phones now have the technology built in, so it is extremely universal – which is ideal when asking the world to donate!

A simple and easy way to Donate:

When people say that they can’t donate because they “they don’t have any cash” wouldn’t it be great to be able to respond with: “That’s OK, we have a quick solution to send you through to our website so you can donate on there via your card”.

In an age where fewer people are carrying cash, charities are hearing this more often, which can hugely limit the opportunities to collect donations.

But, Webmart can offer an NFC solution that gets charities round this challenge.

How can NFC benefit charities?

NFC can bridge the gap between cash donations and true contactless donations by embedding the technology into collateral or using a sticker to make the donation requests interactive from a phone.  

So, if campaigns have already been printed, Webmart can provide a cost-effective way to try out the solution without having to worry about getting anything reprinted. Anywhere that already has a coin collection box, poster or leaflet can be NFC enabled to collect donations without having to rely on people having change in their pocket.

Plus, NFC technology is simple to set up without having to worry about the red tape that charities have to go through. NFC technology simply opens a web page on the phone, without the need to open an app, or even unlock the phone – the end user is still manually inputting their payment information themselves and has control over the choice to donate.

There is also an added bonus, you can collect donors’ contact details and target them at a later date!

To discover more about how NFC can help your charity, please call our partnerships team on 01869 321321 or fill out the form below and we'll give you a call.

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