Triggered Direct Mail that's Great for E-Commerce Brands

Programmatic direct mail is great for brands looking to automate and improve:

  • Conversion of one-off buyers into regular buyers
  • Welcome packs
  • 'Thankyou' messages
  • Customer reactivation
  • Cross- and up-selling
  • Reengaging with abandoned baskets

So, what is Programmatic Direct Mail?

Programmatic direct mail is creative that’s automatically personalised, printed and posted based on a triggering action. That trigger could be in response to a new sign up, an online store purchase, or an abandoned basket, for example.

It's tightly targeted, highly effective with minimal wastage and drops through the customer's letterbox quickly after the trigger date to help cement your relationship with them and encourage them to take specific actions.

It can work alongside your other campaigns too. In the example in this case study, a triggered DM piece sat behind an abandoned basket email campaign to drive a very healthy 14% basket completion rate from people who didn’t respond to the automated email campaign.


So how can Programmatic Direct Mail work for your brand?

There are lots of ways programmatic DM is being used by e-commerce brands:

Reactivation Piece: Send people who were regular customers a DM piece after x months to encourage them to start buying again

Cross/Up Selling: Suggesting other products customers might be interested in

Welcome & Thanks: Triggered DM to new customers or in response to higher value digital interactions

Loyalty & Anniversaries: 'Tangible' DM means more than digital communications to your most valuable customers


Hands Free and Automated

One of the great things about programmatic DM is that once it's successfully implemented, it's fully automated and runs in the background. Or you can focus on tweaking and improving it, automating new campaigns and integrating them with other triggers, touchpoints and channels.

Examples of Successful Programmatic DM Campaigns:

These examples illustrate how online behaviour can trigger effective direct mail pieces which, if used correctly by your business, can increase sales.

  • One e-commerce brand sent triggered DM postcards after an abandoned basket as well as a triggered birthday card – boosting conversions by 25% in the process.
  • Car tyre manufacturer Continental used various triggers within their data to drive DM campaigns which improved sales of tyres and MOTs. It returned response rates between 10%-20% as well as increased overall transaction value by 41%.
  • A cosmetics brand sent a DM piece to non-converting customers from a particular section of their website, resulting in an almost 40% increase in sales.


We're introducing several e-commerce brands to triggered direct mail right now. If you'd like to find out more, please contact our partnerships team using the form below or call us on 01869 321321.


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