AI-Driven Robotic Writing and how it's being used by e-commerce brands

Nobody writes letters by hand anymore, right? Which is precisely why receiving a personally handwritten letter means so much to so many people. In fact these days, it may well be the first time many people have ever received a handwritten letter!

There’s lots of psychological reasons why we value a handwritten letter… the personal touch, the tangibility, the investment in time by the writer, the delivery by hand etc. etc.

Which is why, when you receive a handwritten letter, you remember it and value it… and not only will you respond to it emotionally, but you’ll often respond to it in a very practical way by replying to it or showing it to friends and family.

So, as a marketer within an e-commerce or digital brand, wouldn’t it be exciting if you could create handwritten communications that are indistinguisable from the real thing? That offer a scalable yet highly personal means of communicating with customers and prospects alike and that is pretty well guaranteed to elicit a positive reaction and response?

Welcome to AI-driven robotic handwritten letters!

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Just like a Person - but Better!?

Of course, artificial intelligence is one of this decade’s buzz-concepts in marketing, and it's touched most of our professional lives in one way or another.

Now though, AI has been used to teach computers to recognise, learn and create handwriting styles and then to control robotic writing arms – equipped with conventional ball point and ink pens – to create the infinitely variable handwritten scripts that real humans write.

This machine learning allows these robot-writers to ensure every letter is microscopically variable and has just the right pressure and letter-form characteristics you’ll find with most human writers.

Except of course, this robot writing is generally much more legible and visually more attractive on the eye than most humans can manage!

Improved Response Rates and Donations

Robotic handwriting tech is new to marketing. But where it has been used - typically for either for B2C or B2B lead generation - it has generated response rates and conversion improvements of anywhere between 50%-250% over non personalised, non handwritten campaigns.

Of course, each campaign is different, with varying creative treatments and unique calls to action.

But the response rates are impressive by anyone's measure.

Robotic Handwriting and e-commerce?

Happily, because Webmart partners with a huge range of organisations at the cutting edge of print marketing technology, we’ve joined forces with some of the best robotic writing companies in Europe to deliver this service - at scale - to our customers.

It’s typically used to create handwritten introductory letters along with addressed envelopes, but it’s a tech that can be used wherever you want to add a personal touch into your printed communications.

Robotic Handwriting Samples and the Next Steps

If robotic handwriting is something you might be interested in exploring further – and if you’d like to receive a handwriting sample – please get in touch using the form below. Our e-commerce specialists would be delighted to have a scoping chat to give you more information on this and the many other innovations the partnership team at Webmart are helping digital brands use to boost their acquisition and conversion.

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