A Message from Webmart MD, Richard, on the value of letterbox marketing during and after government lockdown restrictions

On behalf of Webmart and the 300+ customers we annually manage over 17 million printed and mailed items for, I would propose that printed letterbox marketing material is vital during this uncertain time. Posted print has an important positive economic role to play to allow businesses that can provide goods and services to households via home delivery to communicate via a trusted method on mass, to the right audience at the right time.

There is a overwhelming volume of digital noise, misinformation and lack of trust in digital communications in this very uncertain time. We can see that the government also sees the same value in mail, as they will be using it to communicate their message to 30 million households.

Print marketing provides a clear line of communication between the public at home and brands. It stimulates purchasing from businesses that cannot open retail spaces and to consumers who are confined to their homes that have a new priority on specific products and services. Home fitness, gifting, food, beverages, DIY, Gardening and Health sectors are all in a position of strength to reach their target audience when consumers are prioritising these needs and broadly speaking, have more time to consider mailed marketing.

Royal Mail’s Marketreach research suggests that people give mail time, and in the current climate, this only increases the cut-through and impact of mailed marketing communications.

Here are some examples of how we're finding letterbox marketing working well under lockdown:

  • We have food clients that are partnering with puzzle clients to provide puzzle books for the elderly and vulnerable.
  • We have online pharmacies that are looking to reach a similar audience where they are unable to visit chemists.
  • We have sporting retailers that want to support the health and fitness of millions that are restricted to a single form of exercise and rely on online ecommerce to access equipment and sportwear to stay active and healthy.
  • We also have gifting retailers that are helping provide thoughtful cards and gifts for families that are torn apart from Mother’s day to Easter and beyond.
  • We have food delivery companies that need to reach vulnerable households with menus and communications about product availability, how to order and how to ensure a delivery slot.


We are here with the full breadth of mailing marketing solutions to help businesses compliment their digital eco-system and ecommerce during this time.

Please get in contact if you'd like Webmart to explore ways Letterbox Marketing can help your business throughout lockdown.

Richard Boon

MD, Webmart

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