Amazon goes... Print!

We've seen it before and we'll see it again... this time, it's digital giant Amazon's turn to see the value of print.

In the run up to Christmas, Amazon in the US decided that print would be a great way to get gift and present ideas right into the heart of the family.

So they created a 64pp catalogue (sorry, catalog!) called 'A Holiday of Play', knowing that mum and dad could nestle down on the sofa and flick through to find some great present ideas at their leisure. And they can easily throw the catalogue junior's way to look for themselves - where there's a handy 'wishlist' page they can use to jot down prezzies they like the look of.

Click to visit the Amazon Blog and grab a pdf copy of the catalogue for yourself.

The whole project has created a printed catalogue to be used exactly the way it should - placed directly into the home to be picked up and flipped as and when when it suits.

But what else does a digital company need from their catalogue? A way to quickly link it through to their online ordering system, that's what.

So they've used good ole QR codes. But they've also used a way to link some other images in the catalogue through to their website.

It's a bit like a basic form of our own IonT tech where every image can be scanned from your app and take you through to a product page or order form on your website.

With IonT you can enable each and every image (not just one or two) and connect them through to any online digital asset, be it a picture, video, form, whatever you like. And it's mega reliable.

Oh, and your print can be IonT enabled/edited/changed at any time AFTER the print's been printed, giving you the flexibility of digital authoring but with print. Genius!!

Having said that - 10/10 to Amazon for trying - it's a great way to maximise orders from print and it's a cracking catalogue!

To find out more about how IonT can help you and your print campaigns, just fill out the form below and one of our hyper-specialist consultants will give you a call back. Or call 01869 321321 and ask to speak with our new partnerships team.

Welcome to the wonderful World of Webmart...

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