Covid-19 Royal Mail 'Open for Business' Incentive

Royal Main incentive for Covid 19

Royal Mail has announced a new business incentive to assist in getting businesses back on track after the unprecedented Covid-19 outbreak. Webmart can assist you in working through the incentive process to make it seamless.

The Incentive Summarised

  • Designed for businesses to directly engage with customers and prospects to increase trading and advertisement activity
  • Postage credits awarded between mailing volumes of 20,000 and 1 million items
  • Incentive posting window between 6 May 2020 and 31st December 2020
  • Retrospective credit of up to 5p per pack to be used against future mailings


Webmart partners with Royal Mail to make sure that there is clear guidance of who and what campaigns are eligible for the incentive.

See below for more clear guidance from Royal Mail. And if you have any questions, please get in contact with our letterbox marketing experts; Tom Oldershaw and Tom Maskill who will be able to help further. 

  • Any mailing from a retailer forced to close its doors, which encourages a consumer to visit their website to purchase, or promotes availability of home delivery, including catalogues and brochures
  • Any mailing from a retailer previously forced to close its doors promoting store opening arrangements
  • Any mailing from a Charity with the primary purpose being a request for donations
  • Any new mailing which was necessitated by a brand’s current media channel (for example Cinema, In-Store, Out of Home) being unable to provide the reach required due to Covid-19
  • Any mailing from a magazine publisher or newspaper promoting direct to home subscriptions
  • Any mailing from a brand in the Travel and Tourism sector to promote purchase/products
  • Any mailing from a brand in the ‘away from home’ Entertainment sector to promote future/rescheduled activity. For example, Cinema, Theatre, Festivals and Restaurants
  • Any mailing from a brand to vulnerable customers to support their physical or mental wellbeing
  • Any new mailing from a brand to reassure and thank consumers/customers in-light of the impact of Covid-19 as the mailers primary purpose
  • Any new mailing from a brand promoting additional product benefits where the original product is unable to be fully utilised due to Covid-19. For example, 3 free months in car breakdown cover or cash back from vehicle insurers to recognise under use of insurance premium

Terms and conditions apply.

We very much look forward to helping you through this challenging period. If we can help, please contact either Tom directly (emails above) - or drop us a line by calling 01869 321321 or fill out the form below. Thanks!


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