The Renaissance of Print in a GDPR World

Webmart CEO Speaking at Leeds University Business School

Tues 17th April


Print is gearing up for a rebirth when GDPR comes into force on 25th May, 2018.

IoD Director of the Year, TED speaker and CEO of Webmart, Simon Biltcliffe, will address 100 post-graduate marketing students at Leeds University Business School on Tuesday 17th April to share the unique opportunities the renaissance of print will bring to the world of marketing.

He will also share how Webmart is blurring the lines between print and digital through their Internet on Things technology.  The specialist software developed in-house enables digital tracking of physical marketing through image capture, giving irrefutable proof of return on investment for marketing campaigns.

Postal marketing is not required to follow the same GDPR consent rules as digital marketing - as long as legitimate interest can be established. So, while digital has been king in recent years, this change now opens up the likelihood of print becoming one of the most popular tools in the marketer’s toolbox - especially for harder to reach customers who have opted out of digital communications. 

“Print has been at the heart of Webmart since we started in 1996, so it’s fantastic to see it once again becoming core to all marketing activities” said Simon Biltcliffe. 

“We’re seeing younger generations interact with print and seeing it as a new and exciting media. And because print connects like no other medium, it helps build deep and meaningful relationships whereas some other media are seen as throw-away and transient. And in a post-GDPR world, that’s a massive benefit.”

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