Visual Impact Analysis - discover if your design is working!

So, you’ve got the design covered. Everything looks great and your boss signed it off with a smile.

All’s good with the world.

Only... how do you know your design is going to do its job? How do you know the person who picks up the print – who looks at your website – even the person scanning your carefully-arranged shopping aisle in-store – how do you know they’re actually looking at your design or messaging as you intended?

It’s an age-old problem. We design in order to communicate more effectively, but how do we know it works?

Well, now we can apply science to the problem.

webmart visual image assessment

(Many different channels can be analysed by VIA)


Using Visual Impact Analysis eye-tracking tools, we can analyse where people’s gaze is drawn – helping you to understand:

  • Which areas get the most attention
  • Which path the eye will follow across the design
  • Which elements need further work/attention
  • How to maximise impact and ROI from your design


Here’s some key points about VIA:

  • Works with both still images and video
  • Works on print and website design
  • Works on store planograms and packaging
  • Based on decades of eye-tracking research


Webmart Visual Impact Assessment report

 (One of the many reports produced by VIA - this one's the sequence report)


Actionable Insight

We can provide analyses of all your designs – so you can adjust the design and re-test until you get the impact you’re looking for. That analysis includes heatmaps that show which areas are getting the most attention and an understanding of the likely path the eye will follow across your design.

You can zone in on specific visual elements too and we’ll provide scores showing how your areas of interest perform; as well as multi-page pdf reports summarising all your visual impact analysis scores.


For an example report, please get in touch with your Webmart contact – or fill out our contact form below and we'll send a copy through.



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