Webmart Invests £300,000 in Woodland

Webmart has invested for 7 years in The Webmart Oxygen Farm as a way of delivering a carbon-negative business, and we are now investing a further £300,000 in creating a “new Caledonian woodland” in Scotland- an enhanced environmental place which will offer much greater bio-diversity.

As part of a twenty year plan from 2020-2040, it will allow Webmart to not only be carbon negative in all of the work that we do, but it also allows Webmarteers and others to have a great place to take their families to unplug, unwind and appreciate the natural beauty.

If you would like to stay at The Webmart Oxygen Farm yourself, you can do so via Airbnb (when not being used by our Webmarteers!).

Welcome to the wonderful World of Webmart...

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