Webmart’s 20th Birthday!


It doesn’t seem like yesterday, but we’re very, very pleased to announce that it’s Webmart’s birthday this week – and it’s a biggie!

It was April 1996 that Webmart was born.

It might’ve been Euroweb or indeed Euro-print, but no. Webmart was the chosen name and we’re 20 years old this week. Hurrah!

In that time, we’ve moved from a 6×6 rented office here…

To our own yellow shed of wonderment here…

As well as mini-sheds in Barnsley and East Kilbride of course.

We’ve seen our CEO morph from Harry Potter…

Into Dumbledore…

It was a time when mad cow disease first struck (for the avoidance of doubt, Thatcher was a decade or so earlier!), the Olympics were held in Atlanta and Independence Day was the highest-grossing film.

And, inspired by a quartet who came to prominence that self-same year with a motivating and rousing ballad entitled ‘Wannabe’, Webmart CEO Simon was moved to form Webmart. Probably.

We’ve seen massive changes in the print marketplace since then too, changing from the primary marketing channel to a premium channel within the multi-channel landscape. From scattergun to highly-targeted and data-driven. From an eco-baddy to an authentic, tactile and environmentally sustainable alternative power-guzzling e-marketing.

And in the usual Webmart way, we’ll be celebrating wildly – but keeping costs to a minimum. As our board put it, lead by example guys; we pride ourselves on being as lean as possible, so have a party but do it in the shed and save money for the team’s SEXi bonus! Good call.

So we’ll be turning the Bicester Yellow Shed in to party-central in June to celebrate. But before then, here’s a little Friday afternoon celebratory ‘Cheers!” from everyone at Webmart.

Welcome to the wonderful World of Webmart...

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