Tom's thoughts on Webmart...

It's great to give young people the chance to experience life in the workplace; I mean we all remember how difficult it is to get a first foot in the door, right?

Well, the latest person to spend a week at Webmart was Thomas. Tom was looking to broaden his experience of the world of work, so what better introduction than our Bicester Yellow Shed of Wonderment?

Super EA Carla took him him under her wing and gave him a range of jobs that we hoped would open his eyes a bit and give him a good taster of what we get up to.

But we also wanted him to work on a real, useful project too. So Tom undertook a competitor analysis, compiling a ton of research which he then presented back to the gang at the end of his week.

As you can see, there was a good turnout, and Tom did a great job. And just like all our other interns, trainees, apprentices and work experiencers, it was great to have you in the shed, Tom...


But what did Tom think of his week’s work in the shed??

Thank you Webmart!

I just wanted to say to everyone at Webmart a massive thank you for this week. I have learned so much during my time here. It was such a pleasure to work for a company like Webmart. You guys made me feel so welcome and comfortable. This has been the first work experience that I’ve done where I’ve wanted to come in to. The atmosphere at Webmart is unlike anywhere I’ve experienced before. The company has taught me to come out of my shell more and to not be afraid of asking for help when I need it.

Webmart has taught me so much about the business world; things that the classroom can’t teach me. Having work experience here has motivated me even more to work towards getting my university degree that will hopefully allow me to work at an establishment like Webmart.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for having me at Webmart, and I do hope that I have made a good impression on everyone here 😊😊

Kindest regards


Welcome to the wonderful World of Webmart...

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