Benefits Delivered

  • 30% uplift over previous campaigns
  • 78% uptake among total sales

The Challenge

Broadcaster, BSkyB, was looking to reach families using competitors’ TV and broadband services, based on price and perceived value. This was a tactical drive to showcase a standalone broadband offer at a competitive £10 price point.


How it was achieved

A combination of TGI and Mosaic data analysis and learnings from previous door drop campaigns were applied, fused with customer data. A prime door drop was created as part of an integrated campaign that also used press and online.



The door drop drove strong incremental sales for the leading broadband offer, with 78% uptake among total sales.

Overall, the campaign generated a 30% uplift over previous campaigns, resulting in the acquisition of new customers and prompting existing customers to upgrade.

Further analysis showed the campaign delivered growth through its secondary messaging: 40% took a premium package (Sky Sports or Sky Movies), 15% added Multi-room and 20% opted for a HD package.

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*Success story courtesy of Whistl


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