Benefits Delivered

  • +50% response rate compared to previous campaigns
  • 35% conversion of new customers
  • 22% upgrade of existing customers

The Challenge

Broadcaster BSkyB was looking to publicise the launch of its brand new Sky Sports F1™ channel, dedicated to airing all Formula One races and providing coverage of practice sessions and qualifiers. The channel would be exclusive to Sky Sports subscribers.


How it was Achieved

A bespoke door drop, with creative based on a racing driver’s helmet, was designed to achieve stand-out and bring the viewing experience to life – validated by outperforming a traditional A4 format in sample testing. The campaign was targeted to reach sports enthusiasts across the UK.

“This was an exciting launch for Sky, with instant stand-out on the doormat”

Belinda Worrell, Senior Marketing Manager, British Sky Broadcasting



The Bespoke door drop generated a strong response – almost 50% higher than any previous Sky Sports or Sky HD campaign. Conversion was strong, with 35% of new customers taking out a Sky Sports subscription and 22% of existing customers upgrading to a package that included Sky Sports F1™.

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