Benefits Delivered

  • Increasing DM response rates from 2% to 9.8%
  • Smashing the industry average for response rates of 3.7% 
  • Re-engineering a DM piece and using Webmart's creative services

A Quick Summary

Our client, a national fencing and landscaping company, needed to increase responses to their customer questionnaire. Webmart’s consultants suggested lots of creative and production improvements that resulted in a near five-fold increase. Good job team Webmart!

How We Achieved It

Our team got to work re-engineering the questionnaire to make it more user friendly and compelling.

The first port of call was to make it as easy as possible for customers to return it. That meant a fresh new design that would make it both easier to read and to return. We also suggested incorporating a tear-off section containing useful information that the customer could keep.

We project managed the print and handled the distribution – then waited with baited breath for the responses to come in. And when we received the call from our client, we were delighted to hear they’d had a huge 490% increase in response rates. That means 9.8% of the mailings were returned which is a fabulous response rate in anyone’s book.



Webmart is a key partner, providing advice and expertise on everything from design and creative to print innovation and distribution. And we still work hard on every project to keep driving up response rates and ROI.

Now, our client has a much deeper understanding of their customers and masses of new customer insight to drive their campaigns.

For help with improving response rates on your next campaign, please give our new partnerships team a call on 01869 321321, or fill out the form below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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16 Oct 2019
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16 Oct 2019

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