Benefits Delivered

  • 73% uplift in enquiries
  • 250% website traffic uplift

The Challenge

This independent foster care agency was using intelligent door drop for the first time to raise awareness of its brand and the need for more foster carers, especially those that could look after siblings. 


How it was Achieved

A Mosaic profile based on previous enquiries to the organisation was created, which was then overlaid with households with 2+ bedrooms located within a 20-mile radius of central Glasgow. A trial volume of 100,000 items were distributed, supplemented by an information day held in a Glasgow retail centre.



The charity saw a 73% uplift in enquiries over the prior month, with over 57% of those generated as a direct result of the mailer or subsequent online search. The website experienced an uplift in traffic of 250% on the prior month, with 86% consisting of new visitors.

Door drop can achieve cut-through like no other medium - as well as put a massive smile on your digital marketing team's face when they see the increase in site traffic. To get the ball rolling on your own door drop campaign, please give our specialists a call on 01869 321321 or just fill the form out below.


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*Success story courtesy of Whistl 


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