Benefits Delivered

  • 132% increase in brand awareness
  • 20.5% future buying intention uplift

The Challenge

Italian pasta producer, Bertolli, wanted to raise awareness of the brand as an authentic Italian food producer.

The objective of the campaign was, while promoting Italian cuisine, to increase awareness of the genuine Italian food Bertolli delivers to British consumers. 


How it was Achieved

To do so, Bertolli partnered with the Observer Food Monthly to create a unique one-off issue, dedicated entirely to everything Italian.

The 52-page OFM ‘Italian Special’ included Italian recipes, coverage of top chefs cooking Italian food, the best Italian delis, ice-cream parlours and restaurants in Britain, as well as key food regions in Italy. Two Bertolli brand ambassadors, Genaro Contaldo and Luciano Pavarotti, were featured.

Bertolli was given front cover branding plus a statement of association. The ad space was dedicated to showcasing of the brand’s wide range of products. In addition, the brand featured pre- and post- promotional ads across the Guardian and the Observer.



The Italian supplement was very well-received by the readers.

• 73% of respondents read or looked at the Italian publication of the Observer Food Monthly
• 89% of respondents stated that they found the supplement interesting
• 89% perceived the quality of the content to be good
• 30% of readers kept their copy of the supplement
• 78% of respondents said that Bertolli’s sponsorship of OFM was a good fit for Bertolli. It led to an increase in awareness of Bertolli brand, advertising and product range.
• Spontaneous awareness of the Bertolli brand increased by 132%
• Spontaneous awareness of the Bertolli advertising increased by 142%

Spontaneous awareness of the Bertolli product range also increased. It had positive impact on brand values. The Bertolli sponsorship activity resulted in a positive increase in the following prompted brand attributes:

• ‘Is an Italian brand’ 18% uplift
• ‘Makes products that really are made in Italy’ 14% uplift
• ‘Makes products with genuine fresh ingredients’ 18% uplift
• ‘Is a timeless brand’ 13% uplift

Finally, Bertolli’s sponsorship of the magazine also led to a positive increase in claimed future buying intention:

• Olive oil: 23% uplift
• Spread: 18% uplift

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